Am I a failure if I don't go to grad school?


Anya grapples with the fallout of her decision to turn down a top PhD program in April. Sally and Anya discuss: Is it foolish & frivolous to turn down a prestigious opportunity? Or is Anya being brave and assertive by not settling for something she doesn’t want right now?

Anya describes how without graduate school to work towards, she misses having a larger orienting purpose to her life. She talks about how now that she’s on the outside looking in, she all of a sudden feels FOMO. Sally points out that in the month since Anya has decided not to go to graduate school, she’s already made progress in learning about herself and what she really wants -- time definitely not wasted.

The book Anya was talking about was called Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World by David Epstein.