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A personal exploration of the ideas and people trying to make the world better

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Welcome to Giving to Strangers, my personal version of Vox’s Future Perfect.  This newsletter is for people who stare global problems in the face — extreme poverty, climate change, animal welfare, and others — but don’t know how they as individuals can help change the structures causing those problems.

I believe that big problems require more than just feel-good, individual solutions. Every week-ish, I share the ideas and people who are trying to make the world better in institutional ways, and offer a non-bogus thing that you can do to help.

 This newsletter is about Giving, because I believe that understanding the solutions that work should inform where we donate our money and dedicate our time. It’s about Giving to Strangers because global problems are caused by the rich, but disproportionately felt by the nearly 1 billion people in poverty. Instead of waiting for these problems to affect us directly, we need to develop empathy and become comfortable with doing stuff for people we will never meet




I work on the research side of humanitarian aid. Being in academia means I have the privilege of working with academics who are experts on the most relevant issues of our time and learning about their ideas.

Giving to Strangers is a newsletter about sharing those ideas. Here, I’ll try to take the conversations I have and translate them for other people who care: Who are the people who are making the world better? And what are their ideas?

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